Sweat is Fat Crying

Okay, so not literally. I’ve taken enough anatomy and biology to know better, but keep seeing that quote on Pinterest and really like it.

Small victory today — I got the boyfriend to come to the gym with me! He keeps saying he wants to get in shape too, but hasn’t done much about it. He didn’t stay the whole hour with me, but he did do 30 minutes of cardio. Gotta start somewhere!

It’s taken a few months to get into my routine, but now I love going to the gym. If I miss a workout day I get grouchy. I told the boyfriend eventually he will look forward to going, but he’s not convinced. We will see.

I’m starting to notice a change in my snacking habits. In the afternoons I know it’s time for the second ACE capsule when I want to start snacking. Also I’ve noticed I snack less at work now. I’m a server, so I’m always around food. Towards the end of the night I usually drink more soda and start snacking on fries. Last night I had only a few drinks of soda and two fries. Tonight’s goal: no soda, no fries.


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