Getting Slim

Yay! 24.6 lbs to go.

Where have I been? This education is putting a damper on the rest of my life. BUT I got an A in physics. Worth it.

I’ve dipped below that pesky 175 mark. Awesome. The girls and I have decided today to get out there and buy goal pants. I have 1 new pair of jeans that fit perfectly (my skinnys!). I have several pairs that are a little big, but I can still get away with wearing them. And they’re Silver Jeans. If you’ve never experienced a pair if Silver Jeans, go to a Maurice’s ASAP. Curvy girls best friend.

Speaking of. Today I willed away all my Silvers. All of them. When I reach 170 they’re going to my friend. I don’t need to keep around big clothes to fall back on.

This girl needs to go shopping.

Did I mention I love my new skinnys? I wore them for the first time and got so many compliments! My classmates, the ladies at the front desk, sonography students, and people I’ve never seen before. THANK YOU!


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