Hey, November

Yeaaa. I’m down to 27.2 BMI.

This week has been stressful. School is kicking into overdrive. Halloween candy has been in my face full force. I’m still a stress eater.

I was mad at myself for being a few pounds shy of my Halloween goal.
But hey – the scale is still moving! I have nothing to be mad about. I’ve come so far with my weight loss. Definitely not done, but It’s been worth it.

I like how I look, but more importantly I love how I feel. 18 pounds ago my feet would hurt after working all weekend. Now I’m tired, but I don’t hurt. To me it’s worth it.


ACE – NEW Formula!

So when my Saba shipment arrived earlier this week, surprise!  The company has changed their ACE formula.


Now I’m sure there’s been talk about this for a while, but it was news to me.  I’m excited.  It seems after you use something for a while your body adjusts and doesn’t respond anymore.  Like coffee.  I’ve been in the upper 170’s for too long, it’s time to blast this plateau and count down the 160’s!

I still have a few days left in my current bottle of ACE before I start the new formula.  Anyone out there try it yet?  What are your thoughts?

Getting Slim

Yay! 24.6 lbs to go.

Where have I been? This education is putting a damper on the rest of my life. BUT I got an A in physics. Worth it.

I’ve dipped below that pesky 175 mark. Awesome. The girls and I have decided today to get out there and buy goal pants. I have 1 new pair of jeans that fit perfectly (my skinnys!). I have several pairs that are a little big, but I can still get away with wearing them. And they’re Silver Jeans. If you’ve never experienced a pair if Silver Jeans, go to a Maurice’s ASAP. Curvy girls best friend.

Speaking of. Today I willed away all my Silvers. All of them. When I reach 170 they’re going to my friend. I don’t need to keep around big clothes to fall back on.

This girl needs to go shopping.

Did I mention I love my new skinnys? I wore them for the first time and got so many compliments! My classmates, the ladies at the front desk, sonography students, and people I’ve never seen before. THANK YOU!


I love Halloween. Fall is my favorite time of year. As a kid I had Halloween, my birthday, and Christmas back to back.

170 by Halloween, 160 by Christmas

That’s what I kept saying to myself on the stepper today. Yesterday I got back on it for the first time in well over a month. My ass hurts. Victory.

I need to replace the battery in my fitbit already. Has it really been 6 months? Fitbit has launched a pink fitbit flex in honor of breast cancer awareness. If you’re looking for a fitbit or a bodybugg, check out the pink flex and help save some Ta ta’s.

170 by Halloween, 160 by Christmas


Where have I been!? 2 weeks, really? So much has happened, except for losing more weight. I’m stuck at 177. Boo. But you only get what you put into it.

School is a time whore. I’ll probably end up going to campus today so I get more done before work. 86 distractions, please.

Last weekend we went back to the Midwest for a friends wedding. Hit a deer in my new car. I’m intrigued as to how I can live in deer country for 24 years and not hit one until I move. If anyone needs funding for a doe license, hit me up.

On a lighter note, the in laws noticed I lost some weight and were super excited! We will be back for Christmas, so my goal is to lose 17 more by then. 160 by Christmas. Doing it.

I bought my first pair of skinny jeans yesterday. When they first became a fad I despised them. Not the most flattering thing ever thought up, especially for those of us on the larger side. But it’s BOOT season! Skinnys and boots are great.