Weigh in #9

Pound down!

I need to do a pedicure. Ain’t nobody got time for that.

I’m getting really bad about posting my weigh ins on Wednesdays. Sorry! I’m good about recording my weight, but not sharing it with the world that same morning.

14.2 pounds lost in 9 weeks. I started my third bottle of ACE this week. I was frustrated yesterday, since my weight loss has began to plateau over the past few weeks. I debated upping my daily dose to 3 pills but decided against it. My body still needs to function on it’s own, and I don’t want to live on this supplement the rest of my life.

Even though my progress has slowed, I’m still losing weight. Even if it’s just 0.2 pounds, it’s still progress. I’m proud that I have yet to “back track” on previous weight loss. Hopefully I didn’t just jinx myself for next week.

On a happy note, I’m going back home to visit in two weeks! A friend is getting married, and I haven’t seen my friends and family since June. Moment of truth!


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