Weigh in #8

Despite sitting all week I have managed to lose a pound! Don’t laugh, it’s progress.

I’m still making changes to help offset my new sedentary weekdays. I’m going to start protein shakes again for lunch. I’ve noticed I’m not as hungry during the day (because I’m not doing anything) so I’m scaling back. I tried protein shakes in the past, but found myself grazing in the afternoon. If I’m stuck in class I can’t make my way to the fridge.

I’m doing some exercises in the morning before I get ready. Just 5-10 minutes, enough to raise my heart rate. My goal is to raise my metabolism early in the day. Even if that change only lasts a short time, it’s worth it to me. Plus I don’t want my arms to go flabby.

I have a fear of batwings.


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