Body Habitus

If anyone needs a reminder as to why we work so hard to get and stay healthy, check this out. It’s common sense that extra body fat is bad for you— your heart, your joints, etc. I’m sure we have all seen the pictures of a body with excess body fat verses the healthy body.

What about the organs? I always knew they worked harder, but it never occurred to me that they would change. Lungs shorten, the heart location changes, etc. this image I found on

Stenic is where we should be. For a better view, check out the linked images on docstock here. Be sure to check out hyperstenic. 5% of the world’s population is hyperstenic, with a large chunk of that living in the US.

I found these x-rays on a radiology continuing education site here. Look at the difference in the lungs! Imagine how barrel chested the person on the right is. Now put down the garbage and get to the gym.


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