Weigh-in #6


I’m down 12 pounds in 6 weeks! Also I’m getting closer to being on track with my 2 pounds per week goal. This week’s loss was 1.8lbs, but that’s better than 0.8 two weeks ago.

I can’t remember a time when I weighed 175. As a teen growing up, we didn’t keep a scale at home so I only knew what I weighed when I visited the doctor. I remember an unhealthy time in my life at 14 I weighed 168. Usually I hovered in the low 180s my senior year. A part of me wishes I still had my prom dresses to try on.

I got more of my college details settled today. Less stress, please! Finally got my TB test done so I can have it checked and get my physical done. Turns out my drug screen results were automatically forwarded to the correct campus. Call me please, don’t leave me in limbo.

I have good news and bad news. The bad news is I had McDonald’s for lunch. The good news: I didn’t like it, and ate less than half. Breaking bad habits takes time, just roll with it. If you want a burger, make one at home with a turkey and beef blend. Breaded chicken? Bake it. It’s delish. If you want these “bad” foods, cut the calories by eating a home. At least you can control what’s in it.


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