Go away, Chaos

Have I mentioned I hate being super busy? It hasn’t turned to stress eating yet, I’m hoping it doesn’t get to that point. I used to be a really bad stress eater. Even over little things. The past 2 or 3 years I’ve been on myself to kick that habit.

1. Having a bad day is no reason to stuff your face.
2. Go to the gym.
3. Buy a new pair of running shoes if it’s that bad. Don’t forget to use them.

This summer I was one of 18 accepted to a great radiology program. Yay! I received my acceptance packet mid July, and it’s been keeping me busy ever since. Yesterday I tried to get my TB test done between shifts and that was a nightmare. I’ve been trying to get a physical done for the past two weeks.

The problem is I tried to schedule a school physical with my primary care physician once I got my packet and they were booked past my class start date. Not going to work. They advised me to go to a clinic at a local grocery chain, but the wait times are so long. 4 hours plus!

Yesterday was the last day for sports physicals. Had I known there was a season for that I would have just waited until today. Something I value more than money and possessions is time. I’m never getting back all those hours I’ve spent sitting with teenagers gossiping about their friends and trying to convince their parents they don’t need to go to practice.

My drug screening results didn’t get sent where they need to be either. That was a day long process in itself and at this point I don’t have enough lab processing time to do another. If you are required to do a drug screening, make sure the company sends you all the paperwork! I chugged water to find out I had to drive south of Denver to pick up a paper. It hit me while in standstill traffic on I70. Holy full bladder. You don’t have your drug screen results, you don’t go to class. I have a feeling I’m going to have to drive back down to the main campus again because they haven’t called me back since Friday.

Rant over. Treadmill time. Weigh in tomorrow!


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