What a Weekend

Oh hello life, didn’t see you there.

We went out for one of the girl’s 21st birthday Friday. Happy birthday Cat! This was actually my first bar crawl in Denver. I’ve lived in Colorado for a year, why did I wait so long!?

Drinking is bad for weight loss, blah blah blah. So is kicking curbs. My foot hurts so bad! My toes are a little sore, but it’s strangely enough my heel that hurts. If jamming your foot is possible, I think that’s what I did.

So this girl slept until 2 yesterday. I’ve only had a handful of hangovers in my lifetime, and yesterday was one of them. Arby’s and Dairy Queen were my hangover foods of choice. Bad bad bad. Don’t drink and diet, folks.

On a lighter note, I started my 2nd bottle of ACE yesterday.


I’m going to attempt the gym in a few. I did okay with my foot at work last night, so lets hope I can do cardio. If anything I’ll just have to amp up my strength training until my heel isn’t as sore.



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