Get to the gym!!

Happy Friday!

This bed is the devil. I’m so comfy I don’t want to get up.

For those who find it hard to get motivated to work out in the morning, take it in steps. I give myself enough time to drink two glasses of water, eat something small, and take Charlie on a walk before I make it to the gym. I plan for 45 minutes of “wake up” time. Plus the water really helps. Dehydration zaps my motivation. I’ve heard a glass of water when you wake up and before you go to bed is good for digestion. I have yet to see how factual that tidbit is, but it’s not going to hurt me. Drink up.

Eating something before you work out is important. Breakfast will help start your metabolism so your workouts will burn more fat. If you go to the gym hungry your body will “cling” to your fat cells and burn muscle for energy instead. I would rather be a brick house than a tub of jello.

Breakfast usually consists of some yogurt or Kashi cereal with almond milk. Lately I’ve had a new staple, peanut butter and crackers. We visited a different location of our usual grocery store and this place had peanut butter mills! If you’ve never had fresh ground peanut butter, try it. Regular jar peanut butter doesn’t compare.

On that note, don’t eat too much of it. Peanut butter is very calorie dense. My mother-in-law was living on PB&J for a week until I told her to watch the calorie count. She was frustrated because she wasn’t losing, and that’s why. Everything in moderation.


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