Fitbit Zip

Over the winter I was searching for products to help keep me motivated. I kept hearing about Body Bugg and Fitbit personal trackers, and initially purchased a Body Bugg. After a few months of ownership it went crazy and kept giving me readings of 15,000 or more daily calorie burn. Don’t mock me Body Bugg, I know better.

I purchased my Fitbit Zip in April and I LOVE it. This little guy clips right on my shirt or pocket and tracks my steps, distance traveled, and calories burned. Plus there’s a cute little face that let’s you know how you’re doing that day.

It’s so happy! This was post-workout on Friday. After I blogged about how lazy I felt that day, I got off my tush and went to the gym. Small victory.

This little device is very user friendly. I have the Fitbit app on my phone and the program downloaded on my computer. I log my calories, water, exercise, and weight on my phone. If you want more info about a fitbit, check out their website here.


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