That Wonderful Feeling When…

That wonderful little question…

Have you lost weight?

Yes! Thank you! That made my night yesterday. I’ve seen a drop on the scale and my measurements have decreased some, but it’s the best feeling when others start to notice.

Today wraps up week 3 of ACE. Weighing in tomorrow! I’m a tad nervous about this time, the weekend was rough for eating and lack of gym while we had company. I’m going back down to the gym this afternoon to get some more cardio in. I can’t undo the weekend, but I can try to offset it. I’m still hoping for that 2 pound loss, but we will see.

I’ve decided once I get down to 180, I’ll post progress pics! I’m excited. I know I see changes, but putting those pictures side by side will be good for me. Sort of as a reminder to never let myself get this out of shape again.


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